Thorn1 Gibbet Thorn2
Hair color Platinum Blond
Eye color Lavender
Gender Female
Voice Actors
First Appearance

Gibbet(ジベット)is the eldest of the sisters of the Lord of Torture. 

Her role is to capture the prey of the tower by guiding them. She has the motif of the torture weapon of restraint, the Gibbet.


After hearing rumors of treasure that was to heal disease, Gibbet traveled to the Tower of Torture with her sick sisters. She was taken in by Hank Fieron, and soon became his 'daughter.' After passing away in a drowning accident, Gibbet and her sisters carried out the will of the Lord of Torture.  With the help of Rack and Maiden, she protects the tower and the Pot of Basuzu. Only two people(Raymond and Lloyd) who have fallen into her grasps have escaped the Tower. 


  • Gibbet is able to summon forth her motif weapon, a hanging gibbet. 
  • She is hard to wound and has superhuman strength, much like Chartette Langely from Chronicles of Evillious, Mothy's other work.
  • Because the Tower of Torture has a rose motif, Gibbet's clothes are shown to have multiple roses on them.
  • Her clothing is designed to use restrictive harnesses, referencing the cage style of hanging gibbets.