Thorn1 Lloyd Lowell Thorn2
Gender Male
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Lloyd Lowell (ロイド=ローウェル) is a thief challenging the tower with Raymond.


Lloyd first heard of the Tower of Torture when visiting Stella's Bar. Stella herself explained the tower to him, prompting Raymond to join in and speak of a treasure hidden in the tower.

Because of the idea of treasure, Lloyd left at night to see. Raymond appeared with a warning. Ignoring it, Lloyd breaks into the tower and is met by a wandering Gibbet.  After a brief conversation, he pulls a gun out on her and is immediately knocked out. He awakes to Rack hovering over him, having tied him to her namesake torture device. 

Lloyd escapes her by mere luck of the ropes snapping, and wanders through the dungeon. He discovers many victims of the Three Sisters, the third of which who finds him conversing with one of the few live victims. Maiden, disgruntled, summons an iron maiden and throws it at Lloyd. He falls as the two elder sisters gather with Maiden.

Gibbet explains their position as the daughters of the lord of torture, then Rack gouges his eyes out with a metal stake.